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If there’s one recreational substance that has been used and enjoyed by various people of different walks of life through time, then it would be marijuana. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, musicians, actors, military men and even politicians use it. Obviously, not many of these professionals would admit it openly.

It goes by many popular names like weed, reefers, joint, pot, ganja and more. It appeals to many people because of its organic properties and characteristics.

There are many ways to smoke marijuana. The most basic of which is by rolling it in a small piece of paper and smoking it like a normal cigarette. Other ways include the use of a pipe or a bong. These are the usual ways of smoking but of course, through time, more creative, more effective and easier ways have been developed to truly enjoy weed. These include the use of an inhaler for administration, collecting the smoke in a balloon and sucking all the smoke from the balloon, smoking inside a car or any enclosed space (usually called the ‘hot box’) and others.

And then, there’s the gas mask bong. This device is truly a revolutionary way of enjoying the substance efficiently without wasting anything. Plus it looks so awesome that simply owning it is cool enough.

Gas mask bongs are just bongs attached to a gas mask. There are a lot of different kinds and designs of this product available in the market but all these work in the same way. You just need to load the bong with pot (sometimes, you need to insert a pipe in the inlet), use a lighter to light the weed, and then suck up all the smoke. The smoke will collect inside the gas mask and the person wearing it will be breathing all of the smoke inside the gas mask, without wasting any of it, guaranteeing a definite high.

The concept is pretty much like a hot box but with the space where the smoke will be trapped a lot smaller and more concentrated to one person.

This definitely is a more effective and efficient way of smoking and getting high. Plus the theatrical aspect of it is just so awesome that you are sure to have a lot of fun doing it and watching your friends smoke with you.


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